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Elemental Nature Facial

A facial that is formulated for your specific skin type.  An exfoliation mask is applied to help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, followed by extraction if needed, and a customized treatment mask.

Outer Peace Facial

Designed to calm blemish-prone skin and target different types of acne. This is achieved through a combination of treatments beginning with our Outer Peace Exfoliation to clean the pores, followed by the outer peace-cooling masque to reduce the redness, irritation and oil production. This facial is very helpful for adults and teens with acne.

Green Science Facial

Nature is at work in our newest facial to address aging skin. The Green Science skin care line works to reduce fine line, wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and firm skin in just 4 weeks based on clinical trials! There is also a 5 phase facial massage to increase cell turnover and radiance, smooth fine lines and minimize fluid retention in the face. Perfect for people with those concerns. Also, the perfecting plant peel is nature’s answer to a glycolic peel without the redness and irritation. It is included in the 75 minute green science experience.

Enbrightenment Facial

This facial is perfect for people who are having issues with skin discoloration and dark spots. The facial improves visible clarity. The Enbrightenment Skin care line is used during your facial to achieve these results. It’s been clinically proven to see results within just 8 weeks if using the entire line at home. Included in the 75 minute experience is a comprehensive foot reflexology treatment to cleanse the body and skin of discoloring toxins and support skin renewal.

Facial with Botanical Resurfacing

Aveda’s Tourmaline Radiance line is used to exfoliate, brighten, and hydrate tired and dull skin. This is a 20-minute process in the facial- Botanical Resurfacing produces the results of microdermabrasion without the irritation and redness. It provides deep exfoliation and smoothing to target uneven skin tone, fine lines, soften, and brighten skin’s appearance. This is a 75 minute experience.

Tower Suite Facial: Custom =N=0.00 or Signature=N=0.00

The Tower Suite is for two people having a service at the same time and would like to be in the same room. These are great for special occasions. Massages are completely customized to your needs as in the Elemental Nature description. For a Custom facial the cost is $100 per person or $150 per person for a Signature facial

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Perfecting Plant Peel with Restore Eye Treatment

This is the new Ayurvedic Eye treatment that treats dark circles, puffiness and signs of aging with Marma point massage, a cool jade roller, Green Science products and Chakra #3 for balance. This is done in conjunction with the Perfecting Plant peel as a stand-alone treatment for the skin’s best look and feel.

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